Volker Christian Manz, born in Hamburg (Germany) and living in Spain since the seventieth, writes "Histories of Cars, Trucks and Buses" since his youth. Since 1970 he wrote more than 4000 stories, published in several magazines around the world, in Europe, US and also in Australia. He won the Renault Vehiculos Industriales Award in 1991 for his stories about the history of trucks and buses, and won the accesit of Premio Internacional Enrique Lacalle for the story of Spanish Hispano-Suiza, published in a Swiss magazine. He collaborates in collectables, books, magazines and websides, he was an invited speaker on Universities and he has a large documental collection of thousand of photos and original brochures, among them a lot of items from Electric Cars.

In 2011 he founded the webside: www.prestigeelectriccar.com
dedicated to the Electric Vehicles and its history.

In 2017 he founded this webside: www.historiasdelcoche.com
to present the creation of several books about the History of Electric Vehicles, starting with the "Histories of Electric Cars" from 1870 to 1999 in four books. In 2020 will be available a great book about the history of electric vehicles worldwide in German and English languages.
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